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A brief introduction about our chairman

Mrs. Farida Hossain, as to enforce lady empowerment she stepped in business as an industrialist in the year 1980’s. Highly diversified entrepreneur Mrs. Hossain invested in several export oriented industries, educational institution, school and college business in USA and Bangladesh. Her journey in jewellery business is very strong and enlightened. “Golden World Jewellers” is a brand. It acquires a warm reputation in the society and in the market of the ladies ornamentation. World class designers are designing all ornament for “Golden World” widely travelled Mrs. Hossain invents latest and modern collections from most part of the world. Most qualified designers and goldsmiths are working for Golden World Jewellers. As investors in multinational era Mrs. Hossain attained partnership with major American chains like Walmart, Kmart ,Sears, Calvin klein, Levi's, Kohl’s, Gap, Banana republic, Fruits of the loom and many others. As vice chairman of Rishal group of industries. She is job creator of 15000 families in Bangladesh and abroad. She is a distinctional donor in Rotary foundational organization of Rotary international.

About Golden World

We are proud to introduce Golden world one of the leading Jewellery house, where quality, selection, value, trust, innovative design and service has been trademark of excellence. All this has been earned by providing and setting the best service and ethical, transparent business practices. Our personalized approach and exliminary portfolio of unique and exclusive Diamond, Gold, Kundan and Platinum Jewellery has made us the most sought brand image among the fashionable socialites, corporate high fliers, working women, celebrities and media luminaries. We are one of the first company who came up with the concept of online Jewellery selling in the country with the focus to tap the younger generation and also to tap the Non Resident Bangladeshi who are staying far off from their native place and also from their near and dear ones. Golden World offers the largest collection of Gold and Diamond Jewellery in the country and the customers has the option to scroll the entire range as per their requirement. Our artisans are best in the world and our entire team of professionals strives every moment to bring delight to customer. We value of customer attention and satisfaction and we benefit taking in to consideration all aspect of healthy and honest trade practices. The management of Golden World dreams of making online Jewellery business a success model and make our country and Every Bangladeshi Proud. As an extension of successful relationship of soul mate Golden world is being nurtured as a brand that enriches a woman’s life and make us believe that you will celebrate your desire with gold, diamonds and all other jewellery adding beauty to everyone’s life.

Award Giving Ceremony for Journalists Hosted by "GOLDEN WORLD"

Opening of Pink City outlet of "GOLDEN WORLD"